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We (Hard Pawn group) are a voluntary group of hobby hackers using various tools and hacker skills to create a directory of hacked games using flash game technology. Hacked with perfection, usability and features by public demand. Our hackers try to deliver advanced digital adjusted games without altering the digital media itself. We rather try to make the game enhanced with deeper game experience, serving the gamers with easier games. Today hard PAWN has 3 resident hackers, and a wide range of freelance hackers, adding to the hacked games directory on a daily base. Have fun and play safe!

Promise of the hackers

for website owners
Hard Pawn respects your digital rights and branding and understands the effort and funding that it took to bring this digital entertainment to the players. We promise to not touch the branding in any way. We do not alter or remove branding. We do not alter or remove any links. We do not use networking tags to block links. We will actually help you promote the game, and send you visitors at the same time!

for the players
Hard Pawn udnerstand your need for a kick a$$ l33t hacked game and making life easier by altering the game. We will do everything we can to make the game as easy as possible so you can just sit back, relax, and shoot the crap out of anything without the sores.

How to hack

We at Hard Pawn group get many request how to hack games. Actually this takes a lot of time, programming understanding and practice. But here is a quick tutorial for starters and dummy hackers:

Step 1 : Selecting values
Select a patient game first and play the entire game to the end. Then think about some l33t ways to alter of improve the games. Look carefully for the values used inside the game and write them all down. Remember those values in the next step.

Step 2 : Hex hacking
Open a popular, malware free, hex scanner or memory scanner and search for the values you wrote down in step 1. Once you found the values try playing the game to alter the value. For example die inside the game to lose a life.

Step 3 : hacking the game
Once the value got changes you can use the same hacking tool as in the previous step. Find the value again and figure out which memory value got changed. Lock the memory value and hack the value to a bigger value. For example a funky 999999 to give the player unlimited lives!

Have fun hacking your own games, but remember always leave the branding of the original owner to give them your respect and support. This tutorial was brought to you by our resident hacker Docter Flashluv.


Please visit our special copyright policy for more detailed information about copyright issues and how to report any copyright issue to Hard Pawn group.

The hackers
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About Pro Hacked Games

Pro hacked games is a free online directory of hacked games contributed by the 4 hackers Docter flashluv, hard pwn man, sw33t and the postgrabber, This website is almost updated every day with the latest flash games. Dont forget to bookmark us.

Pro hacked games, read as 'professional hacked games' (prohackedgames.com) is copyrighted 2012 - 3006. All games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners or authors.

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